27th June 2023

Why should a construction subcontractor use Quantum CPM's services?

If you're a subcontractor in the construction sector and you use the services of an accountant, a bookkeeper, a health and safety consultant or other specialist provider, you are already outsourcing the tasks that you either......Read more

6th June 2023

Why writing more persuasively will help you get the outcome you want

When you communicate in writing - most commonly in emails these days - do you ever stop part way through composing what you're saying to consider if you are coming at it in the best possible way?......Read more

13th April 2023

Do specialist sub-contractors need to use quantity surveyors?

Is quantity surveying seen as something that only main contractors need to get involved in?......Read more

11th November 2022

Could you do your job without checking as you go along?

Measuring and checking may be part of the job whatever trade you are in. But are you doing this in one of the areas where it can......Read more

25th October 2022

Quantum Group creates platform for growth at new Thorpe Park Leeds offices

Quantum Group has relocated to larger offices at Thorpe Park Leeds to help realise our growth ambitions......Read more

10th October 2022

How's your contract progressing?

It may seem a simple question, but do you really know the answer today? And will you be able to provide a written record of how your contract was delivered in six months' time?......Read more

8th August 2022

Avoid recurring procurement nightmares by outsourcing to Quantum

Are your contracts getting off on the wrong foot before you even start on site because you haven't had time to......Read more

21st June 2022

Are your retentions being... well, retained?

Do you find it hard work getting retention payments that are rightly yours, despite completing everything during the defect liability period?......Read more

17th May 2022

Start getting your final accounts in order from day one

If final accounts cause you a headache on nearly every contract, the way to ease the pain at a time when you are most keen to get paid could be to get into the habit of......Read more

16th May 2022

Don't let fixed price contracts ruin your business profitability

The past two years have seen unprecedented inflation in the prices of construction materials and increased labour costs due to a shortage of skilled people across the industry......Read more

24th March 2022

Do contract variations keep leaving you out of pocket?

When you are faced with variations in your contract, the worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand......Read more

2nd March 2022

Concrete stairs, 3G football pitches, managing sub-contractors and sticky final accounts... a week in the life of a Quantum Quantity Surveyor

What does a QS do? Everyone working in the construction industry will have either worked with a QS or at least know they exist, but with it being such a pivotal yet varied role, there is......Read more

31st January 2022

Is stability returning to the construction industry?

The January forecast by the Construction Products Association (CPA) that 2022 and 2023 will see more sustainable levels of growth will be......Read more

6th January 2022

Know when to 'tap out' of a messy contract

Don't gamble on the promise of more work based on the success on your first contract......Read more

30th November 2021

Transparent pricing - why it's crucial for contractors and subcontractors

Managing the constant changes in the cost of building materials has always been a difficult issue for construction, but there is no doubt that the current period is a particularly tricky one......Read more

29th November 2021

Construction industry aims to future-proof contracts as Covid impacts continue

'Collaboration' continues to be the order of the day in construction contracts says the CLC who are urging clients, contractors and sub-contractors to act responsibly and fairly in contractual arrangements.....Read more

27th November 2021

Is your project on the right track to make profit?

Do you know whether your project is on track to make the return you're expecting? Is it in good health or does it need some intensive care? With proper variation tracking.....Read more

2nd November 2021

Are you pouring good money after bad? Make sure you really know the answer...

Do you know if you can actually make the claims you think you can in your construction contract? Are you paying out.....Read more

28th September 2021

Who pays for the pandemic's impacts?

Despite it being more than 18 months since governments around the world started taking action to address the perceived risks of Covid-19, the UK construction industry is still very much in the.....Read more

24th September 2021

No two construction contracts are ever the same

Are you assuming the processes for reporting variations on your latest contract will be same as with your last one?.....Read more

1st September 2021

How to protect your business as subbie shortages begin to bite

The shortage of labour in the construction industry is nothing new. This year, however, contractors and sub-contractors are feeling the strain more than ever.....Read more

25th August 2021

Are you taking a punt on getting your final account paid?

Contractors, sub-contractors and employers don't always speak the same language and all too often this affects the contractor's chances of recovering payment.....Read more

13th August 2021

Quantum take new 'company car' for inaugural run!

Not every company can claim to have a classic 1980s/early 90s sports car on their fleet, but with the Peugeot 205 GTI lovingly restored.....Read more

11th August 2021

Gung-ho or risk averse - which is best, and which one are you?

Taking risks with your business is fine, as long as they are calculated. Ensure you can assess risks before you take the plunge.....Read more

2nd August 2021

Have you got the measure of your variation claims?

Did you know that measurement of variations is the primary method to claim under most standard form contracts.....Read more

22nd July 2021

Weathering the materials shortage storm: Is your contract watertight?

Every day we are seeing headlines about one product or another being hit by supply shortages due to a whole host of reasons.....Read more

15th July 2021

Do you really know what you're agreeing to in construction contracts?

Contract vetting - it might not be top of your list of priorities, but it should be because.....Read more

30th June 2021

Covid causes spike in size of construction contract disputes

The pandemic may have repeatedly been described as 'unprecedented' by all and sundry, but that has certainly not been a reason for.....Read more

30th June 2021

It's never a good idea to chase your losses...

Do you lose track of the costs you're liable for in construction contracts, but carry on regardless and hope for the best? No need to. When you can see your liabilities.....Read more

7th June 2021

Quantum Group builds QS team with investment in next generation

Pontefract-based quantity surveyors the Quantum Group have strengthened their team with the appointment of a young construction professional.....Read more

2nd June 2021

Is your contract heading for a costly breakdown?

Only by conducting periodic checks can we know whether we are going to run into potential problems down the road - if it's your car or your latest construction contract.....Read more

1st June 2021

Rising material prices: why your tenders must include a 'valid until' date

Every day it seems we are seeing stories about construction raw materials, products and systems rising in cost. And often.....Read more

12th May 2021

They think it's all over... but it's not yet

Just when you think you're winning why is there usually more work to do to get the end of the contract?.....Read more

30th April 2021

Are you gambling on how much money you'll make in your contracts?

Do you know how much this will all cost in the end? It's a common question in construction contracts and one that you will only be able to answer if you.....Read more

19th April 2021

Everyone knows the rules of the game - so start as you mean to go on

At Quantum we believe in playing fair, so don't be afraid to remind your customers of the rules of game during contracts.....Read more

29th March 2021

Have you got into the VAT reverse charge habit yet?

The long awaited 'VAT domestic reverse charge for building and construction services' is finally here.....Read more

24th March 2021

Changes happen in contracts... but who pays for them?

Do you know what you can and cannot claim for when changes happen during a construction contract and plan A becomes plan Z?.....Read more

8th March 2021

Are your construction projects in good health? Do you have the honest answers?

Don't panic! Ship's captains change course or adjust their trajectory to deal with variables all the time. A mountain is not conquered by.....Read more

18th February 2021

IR35 rules are changing - don't bury your head in the sand!

If you're a private sector business who hires contractors including Quantity Surveyors to deliver construction projects - or a contractor hoping to be appointed - you can't ignore the.....Read more

16th February 2021

Are your retentions simply giving your employers money for nothing?

Giving 5% of your earnings away to a total stranger may seem like a ridiculous suggestion, but that's exactly what you are doing.....Read more

4th February 2021

Why implementing efficient procedures will minimise your Project Liability

Learn lessons from past projects and implement efficient procedures on your next project and you'll go a long way to avoiding.....Read more

21st January 2021

Avoid uncalculated contract risks from day one

Keeping track of and agreeing costs as the project progresses is the best way to.....Read more

8th January 2021

Did you ask lots of questions last time you bought a TV?

When there is a lot of money at stake, as consumers we usually invest some time in checking the details, so why don't we always.....Read more

7th January 2021

For the record... 'monthly progress records' can prevent financial pain

Don't take the blame at the end of a project - keep your project progress records current and up to date so that everyone knows the.....Read more

11th December 2020

Apply for your payments on time, to the right person or pay the price

Sub-contractors... if you don't apply for your payments during a contract by the date given, in the right way, you might not have a.....Read more

4th December 2020

Take care to take notice of your contract's notice provisions

You might not realise it, but your contract may well include very specific 'notice procedures' - if you don't know what they are, you should as they could cost you dearly.....Read more

6th November 2020

Beware of the dangers!

We've heard of hackers invoicing our clients' employers. Do not give them access to your project costings.....Read more

26th October 2020

Don't be pressured to start work on-site before you've even signed the Contract

All too often Contractors manipulate and pressure Sub-Contractors to start work on site prior to the acceptance of proper Contract Terms.....Read more

10th October 2020

Thriving construction sector lifts Covid gloom

There are some really positive construction activity trends emerging after the industry rode out the strict lockdown earlier this year.....Read more

17th September 2020

M&E Subcontractors: Beware of your 'fit for purpose' design promise

If you are an M&E Specialist or undertake any design in this field, make sure you don't overpromise.....Read more

3rd September 2020

Time to 'take the pledge' to avoid contract disputes

With the COVID-19 affected construction industry experiencing a high level of uncertainty and difficult challenges for the foreseeable future, any initiative that helps contractors and subcontractors avoid issues.....Read more

17th August 2020

Don't fall for the 'there's a problem with our bank account' scam!

Picture the scene... You're busy working away and spot an email from one of your subcontractors or suppliers asking if you can make the payment.....Read more

13th July 2020

Covid-19 is no longer an unforeseen entity

Don't assume Covid-19 will cut you some slack on contracts! Remember back in January.....Read more

6th July 2020

Site Operating Procedures updated with '1m-plus' rule

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has this week updated its Site Operating Procedures, which have governed our working practices on-site throughout the pandemic, to reflect the latest Government guidance.....Read more

4th June 2020

Getting back on site

As the UK lockdown gradually eases and the return to work gains momentum sector-by-sector, we all need to learn.....Read more

16th March 2020

Sub-Contractors: Giving notices and unreasonably tight deadlines could harm your business!

Many Sub-Contractors will be aware of 'conditions precedent' - nasty things, and a risky dimension to any contract that we flagged up.....Read more

20th February 2020

Watch out! Don't lose your rights

Did you know there are sneaky provisions in contracts that mean you - as a Sub-Contractor - could lose a right to compensation even when.....Read more

8th January 2020

Don't fear the contract challenge!

Having worked extensively with clients at all points in the construction supply chain for 25 years, Quantum CPM is urging subcontractors to.....Read more

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